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    Your practice is what you make of it. Create it daily.  

    The Pele Mat reminds us of this. named  after the hawaiian Godess of fire, wind, and dance. why no red? this mats cool blue design reminds us to temper our passions in a more steady state so we can create for a lifetime. 


    About the Design:  Our limited edition original, painted designs bring the power and spirit of Aloha to you.



    SKU: YOCOMB003
    • Features

      The top layer is constructed with Recycled PET Microfibers for a soft yet super grip upper layer. The more your sweat – the more our mat grips.

      Bottom layer: Made from 100% Biodegradable Natural Tree Rubber.

      We use non-toxic water-based inks for our original designs.

      Free of latex, PVC, silicone, toxic glue, cadmium, and phthalates.

      Our mats have passed rigorous testing and carry RoHS, colorfastness, and SGS certifications.

      A closed-cell surface helps to keep out bacteria and odors.

    • Care & Storage

      Hand wash with a clean, wet towel, or

      Machine wash in cold water and bleach-free detergent. Hang to dry.

      Store your mat in a cool dry place when not in use and avoid prolonged sun exposure.

      Use Clean Karma (non toxic) mat cleaner with a wet towel


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